Prophet Elvis Mbonye

As the world grapples to find solutions on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, with some of the most apt medical facilities being overwhelmed and economies globally shrinking, what could be the answer?


It appears that only God can save the world.

This is the reality that dawned on me while watching the internationally renowned Ugandan Prophet, Elvis Mbonye’s Power of Prophecy which now streams every Sunday on ZBC at 2 PM CAT.

In one of his startling prophecies, he spoke of a time coming when the nations will consult from God on what ought to be done, following a prophecy concerning army choppers in flames en-route to Somalia, that was publicized in Uganda’s mainstream media long before it unfolded.

The unique thing about this is that, this man of God even sent word to the Ugandan army top brass cautioning them against sending choppers to Mogadishu because of the seriousness of the matter.

Predictably, his words were dismissed and, in August of that year, the consequences were on all front pages of the nation’s media.

Since then, intelligence officials have been known to covertly attend his weekly Tuesday Fellowship gatherings.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

A quick check of his website reveals a startling record of accurately foretold events that span nations and individuals, all of which are disclosed before thousands and continue to make national and international headlines.

You will all agree that such an authentic prophetic voice is critical in moments of personal and national crisis and would benefit Zimbabwe which has also featured on more than one occasion in his prophecies.

Yet this is only a sneak peek into the wonder of the man of God who recently spread his ministry to Zimbabwe.

During his weekly Sunday programs on ZBC, Prophet Mbonye takes time to delve into the scriptures, while giving phenomenal insight into the power of prophecy and the role it plays in an individual’s life.

In the recent show dubbed “They are not of this world,” the prophet teaches on the interesting subject of revelation knowledge, with the sermon which was based on Matthew 16 vs 7 in which Jesus says to his disciple, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

“You have heard things and then all of a sudden you can see. Do you know that someday it might dawn on you that you are not born of flesh and blood?

But you are born of the spirit and transcend everything that is flesh and natural and your life will be set apart. Separated from the rest of the world,” said Prophet Mbonye.

The prophet challenges the viewer to be conscious of the move of God when he speaks into their lives. Prophet Elvis Mbonye Ministries is a fellowship of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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