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Five must-hear Songs we are Looking Forward to from Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey Set to Uplift Souls with Unforgettable Worship at “Fearless Praise” Concert


The anticipation is building as the “Fearless Praise” concert, featuring renowned Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter Nathaniel Bassey, draws near.

With an illustrious career marked by powerful worship experiences, Bassey has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for millions worldwide.

On May 25th, at the esteemed Celebration Center in Borrowdale, attendees will be treated to an evening of praise and worship like never before.

Here are five must-hear songs we are eagerly looking forward to experiencing from Nathaniel Bassey.

Fearless Praise


  1. “Imela”

“Imela,” meaning “Thank You” in the Igbo language, has become an anthem of gratitude and worship for countless believers. With its captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics, this soulful song has the power to uplift and transform hearts. As Nathaniel Bassey delivers this timeless masterpiece, expect an overwhelming sense of gratitude and a powerful connection to the divine.


  1. “Onise Iyanu”

This chart-topping hit showcases Bassey’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional gospel sounds with contemporary elements. “Onise Iyanu,” which translates to “Miracle Worker” in the Yoruba language, invites listeners into a space of faith and divine intervention.

Prepare to be captivated by Bassey’s enchanting vocals and the powerful message of God’s miraculous power.


  1. “Olowogbogboro”

With its infectious rhythm and uplifting lyrics, “Olowogbogboro” has become an anthem of God’s faithfulness and steadfast love. This vibrant song, which translates to “The Outstretched Hand of God” in the Yoruba language, invites everyone to experience the transformative power of divine intervention. Brace yourself for a joyful celebration as Nathaniel Bassey leads the audience in exalting the name of the Almighty.


  1. “Hallelujah Eh”

“Hallelujah Eh” is a powerful declaration of praise that resonates deeply with audiences across different cultures and backgrounds. With its energetic beats and infectious chorus, this song ignites a passion for worship and stirs the spirit of praise within listeners. Get ready to join in an uplifting and joyous chorus of “Hallelujah Eh” as Nathaniel Bassey leads the crowd in exalting the name of the Most High.


  1. “You Are God”

As Nathaniel Bassey’s angelic voice reverberates through the Celebration Center, the timeless hymn “You Are God” will fill the air. This song encapsulates the beauty and majesty of God, inviting all who hear it to bow in reverence and awe. With its captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics, “You Are God” is a poignant reminder of the greatness and sovereignty of our Creator.

As the “Fearless Praise” concert approaches, the air is thick with anticipation and excitement.

Nathaniel Bassey’s soulful voice and powerful worship songs are certain to create an unforgettable evening of praise and worship.

Tickets are going for US$10 for the Amphitheatre experience, US$20 for standard tickets and US$40 for the VIP seats. And are available from Wordwide Bookstore or visit

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