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Last Week, Last Chance: The OK Grand Challenge Finale in Zimbabwe

The OK Grand Challenge Promotion reaches its climax in the final week, For nearly two months, Zimbabweans from all walks of life have flocked to OK Stores and OKmart, eagerly participating in this iconic national event, united by the theme “OK Grand Challenge, Where the Nation Shops and Saves.”



This year’s promotion, launched on April 4th, has been nothing short of spectacular. Boasting a prize pool valued at over US$1 million, it has brought together more than 40 household Zimbabwean brands in a grand display of retail solidarity.

Despite a challenging year for formal retail, the OK Grand Challenge has stood resilient, offering hope, joy, and opportunities to countless shoppers.

Stanley Meck, the Marketing Director of OK Zimbabwe, expressed his pride and optimism at the biggest retail promotion in Zimbabwe.

“With a purse valued at over US$1 million and supported by over 40 different household Zimbabwe brands, the OK Grand Challenge has held its own against a tough year for formal retail business,” said Meck.

This year, the challenge expanded its reach by including OKmart for only the second time since the promotion’s inception, bringing the total number of participating outlets to 60, up from the traditional 52.

The rules were simple and yet thrilling: shoppers who spend US$10 or more at any OK Store or US$100 or more at OKmart automatically qualify to win an array of amazing prizes, including cars.

This year’s promotion is set to break records with 50 vehicles up for grabs, including the grand prize, a Ford Ranger XLT double cab.

Meck emphasized the company’s dedication, saying, “The fact, that together with our suppliers, we are able to mobilise prizes worth one million in a tough year for retail, shows that we don’t pay lip service to deliver value to our shoppers, we actually put our money behind our promises.”

In addition to the incredible prizes, the OK Grand Challenge is also committed to giving back to the community. As part of this year’s promotion, OK Zimbabwe will be donating a charity car to Bulawayo’s Emthunzini Wethemba Children’s Home, underscoring their commitment to social responsibility.

The grand finale, set for June 8, promises to be a day of celebration, with thousands of participants eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners.

For many, the OK Grand Challenge is more than just a promotion; it is a celebration of Zimbabwean resilience, community, and the collective pursuit of joy and savings. As the clock ticks down, the anticipation is palpable—this is the last chance to be part of something truly grand.

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