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Twitter roasting Ruvheneko for Father’s ‘Sins’

By Michael Shoko / Published on Monday, 20 Nov 2017 19:08 PM / Comments Off on Twitter roasting Ruvheneko for Father’s ‘Sins’ / 416 views

The streets of Harare Saturday were filled with jubilance as Zimbabweans celebrated the impending fall of a dictator – Robert Mugabe, but its a different story on the streets of Twitter.

Ruvheneko – Picture Facebook

Ruvheneko, daughter of Zimbabwe’s current Health Minister David Parirenyatwa is experiencing a Twitter roast from Twimbos as they express their disgust at her father.

Her father David Parirenyatwa was appointed Minister of Health and Child Welfare by Robert Mugabe in 2002 replacing a sick Timothy Stamps at that time.

He has since presided over the collapse of Zimbabwe’s Health System to such levels that Government Hospitals are seen by many as a death sentence.

It is against that background that during the week that the Zimbabwe Army has taken control of the Government affairs that anything that Ruvheneko blogs on Twitter is greeted with insults.

Of all her Tweets since the Military took control to sweep away Zanu PF criminals, the below attracted lots of fury.



Here are some of the responses she got

Let’s try a challenge called: How I benefitted because my father is in the inner circle? Or my dad killed a health ministry? You go first.





udza baba vambobva kwe hour


You are trying hard to stay relevant sisi


At times silence is golden. Hauna nyaya. Tell father to resign vaurayanyikayedu


Pfekai juzi raChipanga mugare pasi sisi nhaika.


How do you sleep at night knowing that your father has blood on his hands?


Udza baba vako vaite order for one hr usiyane nesu


Tirikuda JOBS CHALLENGE: iwewe na mudhara wako imbosiyai mabasa kwe hour


Kana ruvheneko rwuri mauri rwuri iro rimo imbopafunga kuti rima iroro rakakura zvakadini (if the light in you is darkness, imagine how great that darkness is.) Nxxaaa unoshaya iwe



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