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From Backing Vocalist to Jazz Diva: Clare Nyakujara’s Musical Journey Shines Bright

In the vibrant music landscape of Zimbabwe, jazz is capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts, evident from the multitude of jazz gigs scattered throughout the city.


Among the rising stars in the local jazz scene is Clare Nyakujara, whose debut album ‘Haudi Nei’ released in 2011 caused a sensation.

From the moment ‘Haudi Nei’ hit the airwaves, it became an instant favourite among listeners. Major radio stations like Spot FM and Power FM embraced the album, showering it with extensive airplay.

The lead single, also titled ‘Haudi Nei,’ secured the number one spot on Power FM’s urban music chart for an impressive four weeks.

The album’s undeniable impact on the Zimbabwean music scene did not go unnoticed. In a remarkable achievement, ‘Haudi Nei’ was crowned the Best Jazz Album at the prestigious 2012 ZIMA Awards, further cementing Clare Nyakujara’s status as a rising jazz star.

Clare’s journey as a musician traces back to her early days as a backing vocalist for Dumi Ngulume from 2001 to 2003.

She honed her skills and gained valuable experience during this period, which set a solid foundation for her future endeavours. In 2004, she joined Mateo and Friends before embarking on a five-year stint with the renowned artist Willom Tight.

Notably, Clare also lent her talents as a backing vocalist for Dino Mudondo before stepping into the limelight as the frontwoman of ‘The Other Four’ band until 2010. Her rich musical background and diverse collaborations contributed to her unique style and artistry, which resonated with audiences.

Building on the success of her debut album, Clare Nyakujara has now released her highly anticipated follow-up project, titled ‘Unleashed.’

The album has already gained considerable attention and is enjoying frequent airplay on various radio stations. With the momentum from her debut and the promising reception of her new release, Clare’s musical journey seems poised for continued success.

As Zimbabwe embraces for more Jazz Festivals as an annual celebration of local talent, it becomes evident that jazz music is taking centre stage.

Clare Nyakujara, with her exceptional talent, has emerged as a shining star in this flourishing jazz scene.

Her debut album, ‘Haudi Nei,’ and her current release, ‘Unleashed,’ are testaments to her undeniable musical prowess, securing her place as one of Zimbabwe’s most promising jazz artists.

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