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Let’s talk about iAmSharky and his Yohwe Video

This young man has been making waves since the year started with Soko Matemai , Yep he is That Guy with the Number one Video on Zambezi Magic , Zim Top Ten and ladies he is Beads and Beard Clan.

He dropped a Video (Yohwe ) and  I took a listen and I must say the young man is impressive ,mixing Shona and English Bars and what not.

His facial expressions communicate the meaning of his lyrics so you get the feel of what he is Saying. Some of my favorite lines are

“Boy is too sick Man , Im over diseased”

 “Im Hotter than Mbawura”

My fav is

“Iri Bar randa Setter iri, Bar randasetta munga riSvetuka Imi. ?”

The whole song sounds like an everlasting Freestyle as if he woke up and was like “You know what I got Bars that I need to Offload before the files get old.”

It made me feel like I am watching a One man Cypher.

Black and White with great angles from the cameraman( Hie Boo Boo , Shout Out To You ) , it manages to capture and hold your attention via very unique Images :Emoticons .

Yep whoever thought of That idea needs a thumbs up for No Box Thinking ( Re –Read That ___Got It? Carry On) .

The emoticons are thrown in such a way that Syncs with the Bars being spit , sometimes insinuating and pointing out what is NOT being Rapped about by the artist  ( Yes iAmSharky we caught those shots , but we will talk about them Later )

All in all whilst I cannot rap along cause I like my Choruses,  I Like the Song and Video. Very Simple and powerful, shows off his lyrical ability .

Watch the Video and Sound Off Your Comments Below

Do you think it’s a Hit Or Miss or Meh

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