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Team Hombe Remix — A Headrush Of Class and Greatness

Once upon a time, a young rapper named Desmond ‘Stunner‘ Chideme released his career-defining hit and epoch-defining anthem entitled Team Hombe, with aid from collaborator named Tobbie.


Fast-dispatch to 2018, the rapper, now established and has since transitioned into more of a professional celebrity than a hip-hop Hitmaker, has harked back to, feasibly, the most unforgettable part of his career by dropping a remix of the highly vaunted song.

Louder then and hovered to be even bigger now, Stunner this time drafted fellow loudmouths, perhaps the brashest, Seh Calaz, Lipsy, Noble Stylz, Souljah Luv, Gze, Cal Vin, Jnr Brown, Freeman and Andy Muridzo , practically daring them to stick to the concept but turning the volume way up.

For one, the remix is an inspired one, and it sounds crispy fresh even if the bends are still 2008-2009-ish. It’s bars after bars and toast after toast right to the edge.

Noble Styles, acknowledged for his notorious wordplays brings in that badinage rap that will make you view hip-hop as a fun game.

Seh Calaz, Souljah Love and Freeman, although fairly new to the sound, sounded particularly at home on the track, exuding knacks we never imagined they have.

It is even-tempered that the three always have some kind of rap flavour in their music but we’d never hear them spit or sing on anything remotely like the Team Hombe beat before and evidently enjoyed it.

And yet the guests who probably picked up the most from the experience were Lipsy, whose cadence we could not save but admire to slivers, and Andy Muridzo whose vocals blended in infectiously.

As for the MC’s Cal Vin, Jnr BrownGze and Stunner, a chance to rap together was doubtlessly a repast for them.

They all brim with a prodigious volume of confidence, dredging up a couple features that were able to inject new life into his huge hit.

One guy on the track with no frets, however, is Jnr Brown, who displays his characteristically navigating double-time-punchy flow on the remix’s climactic last verse, at ones scolding, ‘Haitambe nemaGeez anemaunderwear epondo’.

Wrapping the strip around the shore, the remix is pretty impressive and it kind of bring us back to that late 2000 swag era of hip-hop.

Sometimes a remix can arrive so late in a hit’s lifespan but what the Tazzoita Records has shown us is that it merely takes throwing a solid inventory of carefully handpicked stars on an erstwhile beat to reinvigorate it.

Another thing, posse cuts are a lofty tradition in hip-hop and the greatest of them bear to reside longer.

This could be one of them and we can not stick around for an accompanying video.

Download the song from SendSpace here

Also listen to the song on YouTube Here

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