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Why Mudhara Vachauya is Dololo and You Know It !!!!

We get It Jah Prayzah, You are the ambassador of the Army But Really ???? Every time  I mean people took bets about whether or Not you were going to do Military and Guess what YOU DID . SHOCKER.

Look all I am saying is You have become Predictable , we love the Watora Mari Prayzah as well you know.

BUT if  you really want to stick with it at least be more creative with the Uniform Jeez. Since Mudhara Vachauya is a Love song,  I thought  we would see the struggle of Mudhara trying to Get home (I am talking Fights, kidnapping , SWAT rescue you dropping off roofs proving that you are the original African Rambo going to see WIFEY) , whilst the Girl struggled with all the issues of Long Distance.

Also, your uniform needed an Upgrade , More Medals , More Nyembe You are JPrayzah for War’s sake.

Which leads me to my next question where exactly was this war taking place and why? Was it like a Chimurenga Throwback? So many Questions.



These dances looked so out of sync with the song
These dances looked so out of sync with the song

What was That ????? Sarafina Lite?? MaSteps emuchato?? We needed straight up street dancing, The Guy in the car dancing to your song whilst driving did a much better job at dancing than those marchers for hire.

We needed something to COPY Jah we needed something that was similar to Katarina type of Dances paSheeben But iya.

I don’t know if you were trying to get another MAMA nomination by sucking up to South Africa but it worked, you have So many South African peculiar characteristics I am sure they are convinced you are one of them singing a dialect they don’t know.

Zimbos don’t do Street Corner Shoe Shine Chairs my guy , we shine one shoe as you walk by and demand that you Pay double. The Post office and coffee shop are too cute and set life , But I guess that is International Standard.

Shoe shining seriously?
Shoe shining seriously?

Things I liked

The homecoming scene in the helicopter …EPIC !! That was Nice , you having a convoy of soldiers pushing you to the corner to see your Girl?? Boss Move right there, Now imagine if it had been an army Tank with you in a Bentley or something Pulling up and your door being Opened …see the scene earlier On and you will Notice where I am going with it .

The cute Coffee shop scene , the fade in and out Very Nice , too much side boob but Nice effects , Also Could You Try being less COMIC? Thank you.

War prep and telephone call …Long Distance Struggles …CHECK

OMG the Red sparkles and Pick Up ….YOU NAILED iT , it had all the emotions of Mudhara Vachauya you know, This was probably the best scene in the whole song

This we liked/
This we liked/

We hope your song gets to be on MTV or Channel O

WARNING: This article is not for Jah Prayzah FANATICS who think he is a mini-god. You are not obligated to read but feel free to Comment. If you haven’t seen it yet …Follow the link  If you want to kill the Author just follow and DM us on our Twitter @thezimbuzz  and Facebook Zimbuzz

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