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#TuesBeauty: Five Facial Features To Focus On When Applying Makeup

We are all created in distinct ways and are endowed with unique facial features. Our faces are an embodiment of these features, namely forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and the lips; the BIG FIVE.

These features sit on different face shapes that demand particular make-up techniques in the same manner in which they demand a careful selection of hairstyles. 

These shapes vary from round, oval, heart, diamond, square and long. 


The interesting thing about makeup is that it allows us to express our creativity through these features.

Too often most ladies mismatch their make-up techniques not realising they achieve different results on varying face shapes.

Focus on the BIG FIVE:



Rihanna Pic by stylebistro

A big forehead can be manipulated to look smaller by contouring from the hairline towards the centre of the forehead. However, if you already have a small one, contouring will make it look even smaller.



Picture- Youtube


Eyes are closely related to, eye shadow application, Smokey eye, cat eye and eyebrow shaping.

a) Eyeshadow application – the common motivation to most ladies for using eyeshadow is basically to make eyes stand out and look more attractive. 

Apparently, it does add some depth and dimension to the eyes. It can manipulate one’s eyes to appear larger or smaller e.g. if you have small eyes, avoid applying eyeshadow under the eyelids it will make them look even smaller and vice-versa.

b) Smokey eye – the idea of a smokey eye is that if your eyes are closer to each other, you create an impression that they look far apart, this is achieved by using lighter colours on the inside and darker colours on the outside and vice versa.

c) Cat eye – essentially gives an illusion of elongated eyes and it delivers a sexy defined look, though it does look dramatic. 

d) Eyebrow shaping – one has to master the natural eyebrows because if you don’t, it creates an imbalance between your brow bone structure and your eyes. If your eyes are deep into their sockets, you automatically look like you have a noticeable brow bone and big eyes. Therefore no need for an unnatural high arch.



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Focus on the bridge of nose makes it look prominent and appear like it’s curved known as an aquiline nose. This is achieved by contouring and highlighting or better still, by the strobing technique.



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Focus is on the cheekbone so as to draw attention to it. No need to use too much of blush, bronzer if yours is naturally accentuated, you will look very thin.



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 Applying lipstick draws attention to the lips and it makes them stand-out, however, you can also apply lipstick to give an illusion of fuller lips and you can achieve this by slightly overlapping your lipstick to the fine lines.


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