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Wabata Moyo: Cindy & Andy’s sophisticated intercourse with RnB

RnB and Afropop lovers in the nation have got some top-notch music coming their way this summer, including familiar names and faces.

Long-serving Queen of Zimbabwean RnB Cindy Munyavi released her Andy Muridzo-aided new single entitled Wabata Moyo, off her upcoming Noone is Safe #N1iS project.

The new joint officially dropped on Monday, September 10, and since then the pop world has been enraptured for various reasons with the out-of-the-blue release of the singer’s latest coaster.

Produced by Zambia’s own Dj Dro and Elton Bryce, Wabata Moyo is characterised by the intercourse of sophisticated Rhythm and Blues compositional structures with groovy African pop-music motifs.

A song for hopeless romantics, the song’s saucy marinade of honeyed vocals and despair lyrics make it a radio-friendly track on readily embracing love.

Cindy’s voice is gorgeous—creamy smooth and spectacularly relaxed.

She projects pure emotion into the sensuous, slowly swinging loops and briskly elevate her timbre more sprightly to perfectly blend with Andy.

And she makes all this seem effortless.

Muridzo also comes in naturally on the mid-tempo ballad.

It is out of the dispute that the smoothie has a knack for melody.

His solo styling, whatever it is called, allows him to dabble perfectly on any genre.

On the song, although fans will be more likely to fall for his piquant, intimate crooning than his neologism, he did not have a lot to say.

Well, perhaps that is how hopeless he is, and like what those who came before us said, when in love it matters less what lovers say, than what they do.

Perhaps it is time we come to terms with the fact that most of his material often contains a sense of bucolic swag that is just as amusing and enjoyable as it is critical by pop culture standards.

Either way, his vocals on the song fit the beat like a glove.

Wherefore, will Wabata Moyo amorously encapsulates the summer of 2018?

Apparently, first impressions seem to suggest that we are not the only ones feeling this way.

By the time of publishing, the song currently boasts nearly 2000 listens on YouTube, which is a quite promising stance.

The buzz can’t wait for the duo to come up with a soft and sensual video that matches the song.

Listen to Wabata Moyo below

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