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This throwback pic of Pokello shows she was born with Swag

When the picture sharing site Instagram was launched in October of 2010, Zimbabwe’s beau Pokello became an instant fashion inspiration.

Perhaps it was her natural style that had people hooked or maybe it was the confidence in her Insta-handle ‘queenofswagger

On Monday the queen threw a retro throw bak picture that proved to all and sundry that made us realise that she was never like us growing up.

She had swag mission on lock from an early age. She was already slaying guys even during the years when fashion was not as glorious, she was the glory!

See, they always want to tell you that celebrities are regular people just like us, its a lie people. There is their Celebrity and then there’s our Pokello.

Pokello has been fashion goals since the days Sekuru Kaguvi played for Dynamos!

Our star was serving swag in a lovely purple and black checkered sleeveless top, a blue button-front denim skirt , white lace knee-high socks slightly rolled down and to complete her stle was the black shoe.

And that pose Fam!

Hail the queen of swagger

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