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It’s the end of a Celebrity Marriage as Elikem files for divorce

One of Big Brother Africa sweet love stories has finally taken a bitter end as the celebrity couple of Ghana’s Elikem and Zimbabwe’s Pokelo are ready to nullify their marriage.

The love which blossomed in 2013 right in front of our television screens will have its final episode in the High Court of Zimbabwe as Elikem files for divorce.

On Tuesday 11 September the Ghanaian designer and tailor through his lawyers, Mahuni Gidiri Law Chambers, petitioned the High Court, to nullify his three-year-old marriage to socialite and businesswoman Pokelo.

“The plaintiff (Elikem) and defendant (Pokelo) have not stayed together as husband and wife for the past one year since September 2017 and such is regarded by plaintiff to be incompatible with the continuation of a normal marriage relationship,” said Elikem in his filed declaration.

“As a result of the above, the plaintiff has lost love and affection to the extent that there are no prospects for reconciliation due to the irretrievable differences between the parties.”

Elikem is however not requesting custody of their son.

“There is one child (name supplied) born of the marriage on December 23, 2015. It is in the best interest of the minor child that custody of the minor child be awarded to the defendant, with plaintiff exercising reasonable access on agreed holidays and or whenever the plaintiff visits Zimbabwe.

Plaintiff avers that he will maintain the minor child by paying $500 per month,” he said.

Pokelo has not yet respondent.

Cracks in the marriage became visible as early as November 2017 and the rumours were further fuelled during Elikem’s birthday.

Elikem celebrated his birthday on November 7, as had become custom, the two would show their affection on social media, but not even a cake emoji came from Pokelo to his husband.

That time, Elikem poured cold water on the rumours but it was not enough to extinguish the flames.

“Why are people dwelling on what is on social media… I don’t understand why because there hasn’t been a post where people will not want to jump to conclusion to say A, B or C.

“Secondly, I am not ready to spit out what’s private at home out on air to say yes I am divorced or no I am not divorced so whether there is a divorce or not, I’m sure it is not anyone’s business so to speak,” he told JoyNews’ MzGee in an interview in November 2017.

Earlier this year he posted a video of a ring on his Instagram story intimating that he was ready to marry again.

However it was the accompanying caption that seemed to all but confirm his marriage to Pokelo Nare was over.

He regretted marrying her.

He captioned the video “I’m definitely not making a mistake on the next one. The right one.”

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