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Why this Pokello and Pepsi Advert is pure Genius!!

Pokello is arguably one of the most followed,most talked-about and admired Zimbabwean celebrities of our time.

Her star quality is extraordinary.

If you don’t know Pokello you are probably the most anti social human being on the planet.

This week she posted the above picture on Instagram, and we were taken back to seven years ago.

The last time Pepsi did an advert that drew global attention was in 2012 when the beverage company partnered with Beyonce in a $50m deal.

In the deal, Beyonce was going to be a creative partner and brand ambassador for the beverage brand, part of the company’s movement to go from sponsor to partner for musical artists.

It’s not the contents of the deal that we are concerned with, but rather the visual presentation.

Kill me for this…But since that famous Beyonce pic pushing a trolley load of Pepsi cans,there hasn’t been anything better until Pokello’s advert.

Pokello might have been engaged as a brand influencer for a couple of thousands but lawd did she nail it. webiste have a theory that they call ‘Playing With Our Mirror Neurons’.
Mirror neurons are cells in your brain that fire when you both act and watch someone else perform the same act.

Using the same theory it’s almost certain that a few instagramers will try to do the “Pokello Challenge” dress in blue, grab a 500ml bottle of Pepsi and ‘look cool like Poke’

And that’s why we think the ad is the most ingenious thing a Zim celebrity has ever done. Shout out to the creative team and IKD Photography.

We spoke to one branding enthusiast Martin Boka of Boka Group of Companies and also co-founder of AfricanFire AF International and BCE Diamonds to hear his thoughts.

“The Pepsi brand is part of Pokello’s social conversations in that image and not the other way round,” he said.

“The combination and synchronising of the Pepsi  brand colours with Pokello is on point.

“The red nail even though small, is quite loud and directs the viewer to the branded bottle cap, he noted.

“Pokello is a different breed of a person compared to most she understands the industry she’s in and it’s value chain,” said Mr Boka.

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