Mai Chisamba

Popular talk show hostess Dr Rebecca Chisamba says she is relishes her Australian tour scheduled for next month.

Mai Chisamba who hosts the popular ‘Mai Chisamba Show’ on ZBCTV will be holding two shows one in Perth on March 30 and Sydney on March 22, 2019.

 “I am humbled that people out there are noticing the work that I do. As you know the show is about promoting our local language and also our cultural values so I am happy Zimbabweans are now proud of who they are.


“For me it’s about connecting with fellow countrymen and women and I look forward to it,” she said.

Themed “Morari naMai Chisamba” both shows are promoted by Christina Muchenagumbo aka Chrissy.

“We chose that theme because as much as we are discussing issues that are sensitive and pertinent it will be done in an environment that is happy, it will be an elegant red carpet night, good food and good vibes,” Christina more popularly known as Chrissy said.

She explained when pressed further on the visit by Dr Chisamba: “Zimbabweans living in the diaspora have had experiences with depression, suicide, marital issues, domestic violence etc.

As much as we have lots of services in the country to help deal with issues we thought as a community it would be ideal to have someone whom we can identify with to discuss this is a neutral environment.”

Chrissy said it was time to get together as Zimbabweans under one roof despite “religion, dialect, gender or colour because we all face the same issues and problems.”

Topics to be discussed are: How to raise children in the diaspora maintaining our traditional values. Supporting families back home and how to do it with stressing oneself.

Role change in the diaspora, women earning more than men. Depression and suicide in the diaspora.

Domestic violence and high rate of divorces people divorcing after many years in marriage.

How to balance work, home and family as well as maintaining a healthy love life while spending time with each other.

According to Chrissy there are panelists for both shows male and female. “This is an event for both ladies and gentlemen who are 18 years and above.

We have made the shows diverse because over the years we have seen ladies involved in a lot of groups and supporting each other.

“This time we would like to put all the heads together as a family, as a unit and as a people and it’s not to be missed!”

Chrissy is based in Sydney who runs Baking with Chrissy and her daughter Mazvita.

The 40-year-old has been baking for seven years having been a self-taught baker. She said her passion was to make sure everyone tasted her cakes and also be able to make their own.

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