South- African based Zimbabwean, Multi-award-winning, Singer, Songwriter and Producer – BERITA, is set to release her highly anticipated new single titled ‘Yours’, the follow up to her hit single, ‘Ndiceli’ ikiss’ on Thursday, August the 8th, the eve of Women’s day.

Hinting that she had shot a music video following her homecoming show in Zimbabwe, Berita is set to release the single and the video on the same day.

Her sophomore single release looks to make a statement about finding purpose and belonging.

One wonders what else is to become of her newfound inspiration, and judging by the sound of her latest releases, she is clearly living her best life and loving it.

With the single having a bit of a Zimbabwean feel, the aim is to enhance Zimbabwean music and the sound which Africans, in general, can identify with.

The video itself having been shot in Zimbabwe says a lot about this anticipated single.

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