John Cole

Award-winning choreographer and dancer John Cole has embarked on a Dance at home with John Cole initiative aimed at giving his audience a healthy entertainment during the 21-day lockdown.


In an interview with Zimbuzz in Harare recently, John Cole said he had seen a positive response from his audience since he began the classes.


“The intake is well received and it’s also how we connect with others out there, digital marketing is the new movement in reach growth and expansion as an artist”, he said.

Dance helps one to relax and in this case John Cole says his aim is to reach and enrich the audience that he would not have normally been able to connect with in a private dance class or group level.

“Anything I teach online stays online so consumption is and will be available at a click of a button,” said John Cole.

“The day I announced the dance at home initiative the internet went ablaze with audiences from UK, South Africa, Canada, Zimbabwe and other parts of the world showing signs that the John Cole brand is appreciated and we still growing”, he said with a confident smile.

He also highlighted that the dance classes are targeted at expanding his online presence during the Lockdown.

“Yes our first online dance class had a huge turnout, we had managed to reach 13 000 and this attracted bloggers and corporates, “he said.

He urged artists to embrace the lockdown: “Work on your craft and your trade as an artist in the business, capitalise on the Lockdown in any way you can”, concluded John Cole.

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