Monday, November 28, 2022

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GZE Delivers A Ruthless, Hard-Hitting Song Aimed At Noble Stylz

For long, the hip hop fraternity in Zimbabwe has been privy to the silent but loud beef between Noble Stylz and the Harare camp – GZE and Jnr Brown.


By Hillary Chiwanza and Takudzwa Kadzura

In 2016, Jnr Brown threw a subliminal at Noble “Unodzokera kuMasvingo wakarara mucoffin” – in the track We Run It. And the part is the hook in the new ruthless, merciless, no-holds-barred diss towards Noble Stylz, the rapper who comes from Masvingo.

Fatality, the new song by GZE, brings out the lyrical beast in GZE as he addresses every issue that works in discrediting Noble’s claim that he is running the game as the king.

When one would have thought GZE would go for subtle shots, he went for it all – overt, direct, plain shots.

GZE does not shy away from saying Noble does not relate well with the streets and scoffs off Noble’s beef with Albert Nyathi.

He takes the chance to say it on record that Kure by Ishan and Ti Gonzi was not supposed to be awarded the best song at the Zim Hip Hop Awards last year. That it was an alternative song.

The track is a bloodbath. The impression is immediate – GZE has murdered Noble!

Fatality will compel the hip hop streets to reignite the conversation on whether Noble is truly the king of hip hop. It’s war!

There ain’t stopping. Lots of mad bars on the track. And he says Noble must stop being a “chinamira” by linking up with Ti Gonzi. He also tells Noble to delete his “Better Than Your Album” album – the album that won Best Hip Hop in 2017.

Fonerai mangongongo kuno kwaita murder’ warns Gze in the track that has sparked a bubbling conversation in the last few hours.

Noble Stylz has been dominating Zim Hip Hop ‘chats’ hence the shot ‘venue rako rangove muma likes nema comments’.

The diss track resonates with everyone who has been keenly following the game and it’s known across town how Noble Stylz has been claiming the crown for some time now.

One may wonder what has steered this flaming diss. It has been learnt that Noble trash-talked the live battle by Gze and Tulk Munny with his #mhangamhanga hashtag and nobody warned Papa that he was treading on dangerous grounds.

Bloggers were also roped in as Gze wasn’t taking any prisoners and left no stone unturned for hyping Noble in this thorough massacre.

One important thing brought out to light is that the beef ain’t about stunts or personal insensitive attacks as Gze cleared that out ‘this is strictly business.’

Noble Stylez fans were out saying Gze is trying to hype his 400 bars EP which is less likely, taking into account matters addressed in the track.

This is not clout chasing but an address by one of the most celebrated OGs of the game.

If Noble Stylz is to respond hope remains that the Southerton ‘bioskop’ won’t reoccur.

All the hypocrisy and games now exposed by personifying the proverbial child who was brought up where there is always dancing cannot fail to dance’.

He is a true warrior in the streets and undoubtedly an iconic pioneer in the hip hop fraternity. For the culture?

Whether Noble will reply or not is probably a matter for another day. GZE has said his chest out.

Check out Fatality (Noble Stylz Diss)

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