Noble Stylz and GZE

The rap battle between Noble Stylz and GZE has taken a money twist with R100 000 already pledged for a televised battle.


However GZE has been silent on the prospect of taking the battle from the booth to the smartphone screens of intrigued hip hop fans.

It has been difficult to predict GZE’s moves as he is a mysterious figure, social media-shy, and rarely does he like speaking to the media.

As for now, his voice has been his songs and that of the many thousands of newly-acquired fans who are rejecting Noble Stylz’ offer of taking the battle of recorded diss tracks to a freestyle battle.

His fans are calling it a premeditated trap and are not seeing the need for one since they believe he has run away with the win.

So far each artist has dropped 3 songs

GZE’s – Fatality 8 May 2020

Noble Stylz – The Gze Lecture 13 May 2020

GZE – Dhaf (Noble Diss Reply) 13 May 2020

Noble Stylz – C10 ( Gze Diss Lecture) 15 May 2020

Tsika Gas- Resilience GZE (Noble Stylz Reply) 15 May 2020

Noble Stylz – Chivhitivhiti 16 May 2020

263 Nights CEO Batsie Masvinge kicked itoff with a R10 000 pledge.

He wrote on his Facebook, “For the love of the Culture. Let’s take the BATTLE from the STREETS to TV. Putting down R10 000 for Resilience Chekera GZE and Noble Chadnezzer to battle it live on TV. Challenging four people to match the amount, winner rakes home R50 000.”

Moments later United Kingdom-based journalist Maynard Manyowa took on the challenge and put in his R10 000.

Maynard Manyowa then posted that UK based preacher and businessman Prophet Uebert Angel was willing to put down R60 000 but on the condition that the battle is clean and uses clean language.

Masvinge and Manyowa then topped up their initial pledges with an additional R10 000 rands each to make it a whopping R100 000 with indications that the prize money might rise to R200 000.

We have tried to reach out to GZE for an official comment but his phone was unreachable.

We, however, managed to speak to Mariachi his friend and fellow rapper who was also dissed by Noble Stylze in the CIO reply.

Mariachi made it clear that he was sharing his personal view on the matter and was not speaking on behalf of GZE.

“The beef started off on wax with each mc rebutting what the opponent had put out. They more or less had the same time to construct their songs and supporting collateral, that’s how we’ve always known beef to be like,” he said.

“Looking at this scenario here I feel it’s only right that a winner is declared first as each artist has put out 3 songs before we start talking about televising it.

“Someone has to take the W (win) and someone has to hold the L (loss). This is for the history books so let’s do it right period. If well wishes feel they want to inject the bag into it they can but first things first the people need to decide who squashed the who,” added Mariachi.

This is where we currently stand, no one has managed to get into the mind of GZE but Noble Stylz is raring to go and ready for a Live TV  battle anytime.

Below are the links to GZE’s Tsika Gas and Noble Stylz’s Chivhitivhiti


Noble Stylz Chivhitivhiti 

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