From mabroke niggas anonzwisa hasha to I don’t wanna look rich the lyrical resemblance of Crooger’s growth not only as a rapper but a graduate of the street hustles is evident


The current crop of emcees seems to have grasped a bounce that relates more to the current socio-economic dynamics.

Of late, Crooger’s catalogue has been full of inspirational vibes that carry a lot of motivation.

Music transcends beyond the dancefloor and radio hits. Peer pressure is the latest track by the award-winning rapper which takes off the same ambition preached in his previous songs life iyi and musandiudziure.

Peer pressure is a message inspired by Shumba’s experiences with friends, neighborhood and the industry at large.

On many occasions Crooger has rapped more about being a lone-ranger whose only focus is on the guala – my only competition is the man in the mirror.

Peer pressure is a common phrase because we have been told about it on countless occasions – this internet age vanhu vakawanda varikurarama hupenyu huri fake is how Crooger relays it in the track.

Must also be acknowledged how the chanter continues to refine his wordplay. Crooger reminisces further to the day he came into life which may appear simple but a deeper appreciation of that symbol brings out remarkable relevance – pandakazvarwanaMAIvangundakazvarwandega.

The worthiness of the hustle is brought in question when he exclaims – lost the woman of my dreams wasn’t giving her the attention she needed.

The emotional provocation is an indicator of how life can be messy but one should never succumb to peer pressure nonetheless.

It has been indeed long overdue before we started acknowledging the motivation carried in Crooger’s music. That’s the lane!

Use the link to uplift your morale and ignore the pressure from peers.

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