Beauty is in the eyes of Harare affirms rappers Crooger and Briss Mbada in this new fierce love anthem where they pour praises on the City’s beautiful girls

Harare Hucci is that kind of track that wins the argument for you when it comes to the question of which place has the most beautiful women.

We would have loved to, however, see more of the fair share of women with grace, appeal and amazing bodies Harare has but unfortunately, the video deprived.

Crooger has been that one rapper on the radder dropping some really great works that are worth the salt.

Simply put the song Harare Hucci celebrates the beautiful women of Harare, its that kind that makes them sneak off to the bathroom for a dance break, look yourself in the mirror and say yaaa ‘Im sweater than honey’

The song is perfectly layered on a formidable beat with complimenting booming vocals and utterly catchy melodies that will have you sing along to it in no time

Favourite Line: Mai Hwee Harare Huchi…Vasikana vamazuvo havachada nhumbi

Watch the video below

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