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5 Reasons Why We are Attending Janet Manyowa’s A Night of Thanksgiving

Underneath all that glitter, sparkle, and fireworks display that dominate New Year’s celebrations, it’s also a time to thank the creator for giving us another chance at life.

A Night of Thanksgiving concert by Janet Manyowa has been a constant feature on the first of January for a few years now, barring the Covid-19 era.

2023 is no different as the award-winning songstress Janet Manyowa gathers her friends at the immaculate Celebration Centre to thank the lord in music.

The worship event will feature the anointed voices of South African star Dr Tumi, who is returning to the iconic Celebration Centre.

Eminent worshipper Takesure Zamar, generational talent Michael Mahendere, the vocal prowess of Sharon Manyika and your host Janet Manyowa.

With this carefully selected lineup expect to experience prayer in song, anointed worship moments and sets cresting with affirmations that are sure to bounce between the stage and the auditorium.

Here are Five Reasons Why we are attending ANOT 2023 – What to expect

Takesure Zamar

He has one of the strongest voices of his generation of gospel singers. He uses his velvety tone to lead people into the presence of God in a commanding yet tender manner.

Dr Tumi

His is a special calling. Being a practising doctor he administers medicine to both the body and the soul. Blessed with a unique voice that bends and moves easily with such grace

Michael Mahendere

Coming from a legendary gospel music family, his calling was destiny. Minister Mahendere is a generational talent that ministers to the heart and soul.

Sharon Manyika

Sharon Manyika has a well-blended voice. She is blessed with a voice that can move throughout the entirety of her range and between registers with ease and does all of this to the glory of  God.

The Host – Janet Manyowa

For those that didn’t get a chance to attend Wanqoba Concert in Bulawayo, this will be your second shot to experience what the City of Kings experienced in July this year.

Probably the best performance I have witnessed. Her songwriting skills are rare and exceptional. The sincerity in her songs has now birthed all of the masterpieces in her catalogue.

**If ever you needed a reason to attend A Night of Thanksgiving at the Celebration Centre, these five voices are all the 5 reasons you required.

Tickets are going from between $10 and $50 and the event starts at 1500hrs and is set to end around 2100hrs.

Physical tickets are available at the venue (Wordwide Bookstore) and Kenlink Pharmacies.

Online tickets also available on

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