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A Night in The Woods With Janet Manyowa for ‘Worship Moments’ Scores Huge With Great Turn Up

Hosted at Art Farm, the 4th edition of Worship Moments was hosted on open air in the woods.


By Brian Mugaragumbo

Delivering a near 3 hour first performance, Janet Manyowa and team kick started the event at 1600hrs performing her discography up to 1900hrs non stop.

The reportoire included Makatendeka, Ndimi, Munondigonera Zvese, Jesu NdiShe and closed up with Yahweh to pass the mic to the guest, Nthokozo Mambo.

Nthokozo Mbambo is a former Joyous Celebration member who has nurtured her talent solo with releases like Jehovah Is Your Name, We Pray For More and Esiphambhanweni.

The singer introduced herself as the annointed ready to deliver uplifted souls by Janet Manyowa.

After performing a couple of songs she went into the delivery mode.

Sound went mellow as she invited everyone to meet with their God. Some went on their knees, whilst some were screaming – through delivery – and some were even crying.

It was like Jesus just walked through the woods.

After the delivery session, Janet Manyowa came back on to the stage to top another hour of performance to enlighten the souls with a string of her hit records – Nyasha NeNgoni, Zadzisa, Muchengeti – and to mention a few.

Before she closed up the show people kept on asking for Vaudze.

Janet tried to snub the request due to time and weather conditions but it got worse.

At the end, she performed Vaudze.

At the beginning of the event the NAMA award winning singer and songwriter hinted that this event was a live recording session which might come to streaming platforms globally soon.

Among the songs that were performed included some new ones, that is, We Join The Angels/We Cry Holy, Revive Us Again and Dancing In Your Light.

Revive Us Again warmed the crowd for a Nthokozo Mbambo moment which was phenomenal.

Even though this was not a revival crusade, with Nthokozo in the woods one would be delivered.

Then Dancing In Your Light was received well with a catch phrase, “Why stop now, keep praising…*

When Janet tried to wrap-up the event everyone started to chant, “Why stop now, keep praising…” and she replied, “Worship Moments ends now…”

Nonetheless, the crowd needed Vaudze and she gave them Vaudze.

Then it was a night to remember.

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