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Alick Macheso could sell a million records if…

By Michael Shoko / Published on Monday, 21 Mar 2016 12:07 PM / Comments Off on Alick Macheso could sell a million records if… / 1772 views
Michael Shoko

Michael Shoko

Michael Shoko is the Founder & Editor of Zimbuzz.
He is also a Senior Publicist at Filters Media a Public Relations Consultancy that specializes in Celebrity Branding and Marketing
Michael Shoko

Alick Macheso is staring history in the face as he could emerge as the first Zimbabwean to sell a million records in a limited space of a month.


We have listened to the six track album Tsoka Dzerwendo and we will give our verdict in the next article.

Ok, we know you are wondering where we are getting these figures from let me break it down for you.

Alick Macheso Pic by The Standard
Pic by Standard

Here are the (hypothetical) facts

Red Cross Zimbabwe has enlisted 40 000 volunteers across the country to sell the album according to an article recently published in The Sunday Mail.

His album will be sold for $1 the same price as those mercenaries commonly referred to as pirate guys meaning the chances of it being pirated have been reduced significantly. (Although Bluetooth and WhatsApp could derail this effort)

The album is the most anticipated album in recent times.

Now assuming that of the 40 000 vendors selling the album, each one sells 25 copies….Macheso will hit the 1 Million mark in just under 2 weeks.

An additional force of mobile teams including airtime and newspaper vendors have been enlisted to sell the album. This figure could also add to the numbers.

But again the possibility of this happening depends on whether the album is a HIT

Now we wait……………………………………………………….

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