The Queen of Urban Pop Music Cindy Munyavi just made a grand return with a scintillating double album that contains 26 tracks and a whole lot of African collaborations.

Titled Music Vocal Cindy (MVC) the name she says is derived from the fact that the Music and the Vocals are very experimental but still remain the Cindy Munyavi that people have fallen in love with over the years.

Wondering where to start? Zimbuzz gives you the top 5 songs that you need to quickly jump to.

1. Saturday

This happens to be track number one and it’s a great place to start. Here Cindy equates the love she is getting from her lover to a sunny Saturday.

“When you hold me in your arms it feels like a Saturday…” goes the lyrics.

The song is a slow ballad that you would like to play in your car when you are taking a picnic drive with your human next to you. 

Saturday here represent a great day, where everything is just perfect in love world. Great song. We strongly recommend


2. Visa

For those in the dark VISA here means getting approval from your spouse so that you could go out to have a drink, party or have fun with your friends.

Laced on a dancehall feel Cindy paints a picture of a person who is about to have fun like it’s the last day of their existence. 

“Kana homwe hako iri deep unekamunhu kari sweet uchirova drink riri neat” goes the catchy hook. This is guaranteed club banger and it’s definitely coming to a speaker near you.


3. Clap for My baby

Written by Cindy’s Manger and producer Elton Bryce who also features on the track.

This got to be one that got my attention, it’s interesting to note how Cindy sounds like she is totally immersed in love. 

This one has that RnB trap feel, you get the feeling it’s was made specifically for the for the Snapchat generation. 

Or made I should say this song provides more sexual healing than all of the songs you have heard in 2017. she gave a 5-star vocal gymnastics.  Must Listen to.


4. Hondo

This album totally takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster, from a club banger to celebrating and clapping for your baby..she takes a detour and tackles the ‘war’ in her relationship.

It’s sort of directed at the rejection a wife faces from her in-laws.

Hondo is not one of those pretty pop songs music as she narrates how ugly an emotion jealous is.

Here she gets lets out the aggression she been suffering in her relationship in very strong Shona words


5. Setter Pace (Ghana Remix)

This happens to be the lead single off the album and as the name suggests it does set the pace. It features the husky and soulful voice of Sherifa Gunu from Ghana. 

The song is a simple declaration to a lover “that the tables turned right now ini ndapanduka ndine zvandakuda zvekufadzawo inini ”

If you are too impatient we strongly recommend that you skip to this one (Track 11)


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