Thursday, July 18, 2024

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#NewMusic: In Waya Waya Cindy’s Maturity is On Full Display

Cindy Munyavi belongs to the exclusive league of what we would like to call the ‘last woman standing.’

Very few of her pals from the Urban Pop revolution have managed to stay fresh and relevant.

Produced by Zambia’s DJ Dro, ‘Waya Waya’ is an anthem for that emotional love flame at the hands of someone you deeply care for.

DJ Dro is the same producer who worked with Cindy on her 2018 single ‘Wabata Moyo’ and on this one he brings a different flavour yet familiar with Cindy’s sound.

The two whose chemistry is evident are back in peak form with this mix of Afro
funk and we are loving it.

See if you Love it too below

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