Kikky Badass

Someone made the Queen angry and she has let loose an avalanche of all kinds in her new diss song Know Your Place.

That’s what you get when you give Kikky Badass a mic and a beat.

So a guy recorded a diss song targeted at Kikky, apparently just to get some hype and he said some pretty nasty stuff that infuriated the reigning Best Female Rapper in the country.

In the reply, Kikky Badass does not play around and everybody that ever mentioned her in a negative light gets called out.

And oh the song takes a few jibes at some radio DJs…

But Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned especially when they get tired of misogynists calling them ‘B****’ and ‘H***’

Kikky shows she is a Badass she brings the bars and intensity in rather slow but sensual synths, with a deceiving soothing voice that will make you forget its a diss song.

This song succinctly proves her versatility and talents which we think she possesses, I hope we get to hear more of this good stuff from her.

Take a listen to Know Your Place below

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