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Freeman and the Mysterious Sultry Vixen sets high bar in Zuva

Over the years Freeman has been prolific, churning out hits with each project released, his mastery of catchy melodies has placed him above most of his industry peers.


The doctor is back with a masterpiece creation of a video of the song Zuva, directed by Vusa Blaqs, Zuva weaves together three tales of human connection into one beautifully-lit cinematic narrative.

The three being beauty, Love and Loss.

Even if you don’t care for the actual song, the music video is a visual feast, the tattooed vixen will keep you glued for the longest time.

The lady is sultry, sexy, and downright hot with her blonde hair, smile and her thick frame make her a camera magnet.

Hearts will race, jaws will drop and men will die. Its a sight for sore eyes as she changes from shiny sequin embellished dress to a pink two-piece swimwear

What’s interesting about this video is that it only features two people, Freeman and the vixen, but there’s something which makes it enjoyable;

The chemistry between the couple is intense, the hotel front view of the two on a quad bike is #RelationshipGoals.

The video has a sad ending though, as Freeman receives a call presumably form a ‘side-chick’ and his woman, without much thought walks out of the relationship.

Sad in that throughout the song, its happy lyrics as Freeman sings pleasantries to his woman, promising her the Sun and all its glory.

Watch the video below!

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