Rachel J Picture - Intsagram

Rachel J is about to take the soul of the melo tune ‘Makwikwi’ and flip it upside down to give it a whole new dance floor vibe.


A little bird whispered into our ears that the song is likely to contain more than two artists and will have a dancehall mark.

Fans are likely to get the remix treatment as early as next week although we are not yet sure the song will come with a video. All the same, we can’t wait for it.

The original Makwikwi was produced by Oskid and the visuals were done by Simba Gee and it was new and exciting and we all wanted a piece of it!

We are looking forward to the remix giving the listeners, in the club, in the car, or at home, something new, something different.

While we wait for the remix, here is a reminder of how the original sounds like

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