Rachel J

In December last year Rachel J released the remix to her single Makwikwi and it came with a promise of a video.

We waited a whole 2 months the visuals are here and they are worth the wait.

She enlists the talents of Soul Jah Love, Lady Squanda and Sniper Storm and magic happened.

The first scene of the music video begins with an establishing shot of what appears to be Rachel J chairing a board meeting.

She seats authoritatively in the chair’s seat and the room is full of men, all taking instruction from the boss lady.

We then get a first glance of Sniper Storm and it also appears he is one of Rachel J’s subbordinates at work.

After the meeting we would later see the same Sniper bringing a single rose to her boss,what utter guts! asking out the person who pays your salary.

But the rejection is blunt and epic, Rachel tell Sniper in the lyrics that she is top class and in demand and would not date low-lifers!

In the same scene another hopeful walks into Rachel’s big office but with a bouquet of roses, an improvement from Snipers’s single rose lol. But he too gets the boot.

Lady Squanda comes through dropping her bars reinforcing the narrative that the girls will not settle for just a guy, she too wants one with the dosh.

The song is Makwikwi, translated Competition and the contest is real.

Squanda delivers some strong bars saying she doesn’t care about his house or big car, all she needs is a guy who throws money at her like a church offering.

And did we mention how the two females are oozing in sexiness!! ???

And as usual Soul Jah Love reminds us that he still conquerers any beat thrown his way.

Rachel takes charge of the song as she maintains the role of performing the chorus with Sniper also having more share of the song.

We loved how Rachel changed her look from coperate to hip hop classic to a fiery Biker lady.

A new lease of life has been breathed into this song and the classic video releases trend continues.

Watch Makwikwi below

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