Stunner and Ba Shupi

In 1996, Laker legend and General Manager Jerry West negotiated a series of trades and draft day deals that landed both Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles.

Two of the most unguardable players the NBA has ever seen, on the same team. Kobe and Shaq were an unstoppable force of nature when paired together on the Los Angeles Lakers.

In football, if you could build an ideal strike force it looks something like Arsenal’s Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.


They had a fearsome partnership that could put the ball anywhere between the goal posts. The two were just as magical as best friends Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke of Manchester United were.

The same can be said of Stunner and Ba Shupi, the first duo to produce arguably hip hop’s biggest song.

In 2011 Godo topped every radio chat and was on every DJ’s rotation list, it became an anthem and the soundtrack of our lives.

During that time hitting 100 thousand views on YouTube was just as big as hitting a Million views today. And Godo did all that.

Eight years have gone by and the winning partnership has decided to pair again and it’s just as magical.

They did try it in 2017 when they dropped Akarohwa Mari , it could have been the realisation that theirs was a partnership as dangerous as Shutto and Bunjira were for Caps United.

Sunungura Marasta is another prolific example of how Stunner and Ba Shupi could be music’s most prolific pairing.

The song celebrates all the rastas, a metaphor for the ghetto hustlers and it has a well thought out video story.

The beat is a work of genius, it transitions from an Afropop sound in the first few seconds into the reggae sound with common traditional keys.

Watch Sunungura MaRasta below and tell us what you think

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