Olinda with ex husband and rapper Stunner

Following her nasty breakup with hip-hop artist Stunner, Olinda Chapel has lifted the lid on some shocking details from her now broken marriage.

Olinda with ex-husband and rapper Stunner

In an emotional Facebook post, Olinda chronicled all the events that led to their separation as well as allegations that Stunner was (is) still sleeping with ex-girlfriend Pokello. 

She also revealed that Stunner had been dating 19-year-old Dyonne for 3 years now and that the two have always been together way before she married the rapper. 


Olinda also alleges that by the time she met Stunner, he was already in a relationship with 3 ladies, Pokello, Dyonne and Nicole. 

All this, according to her came to light following revelations by one Trigger in a phone conversation which she secretly recorded, a boy she and ex-hubby had decided to adopt. 

Trigger it is alleged, is the boy who first alerted Olinda of the shenanigans Stunner was doing.

Olinda also claims that both Stunner and Dyonne had colluded to con her, she alleges that Stunner’s plan was to milk her of her money and secure a good future with Dyonne.

Dyonne is now carrying Stunner’s baby and the two are staying together. 


Listen to the  secretly recorded phone call below


Below is the full text from Olinda’s Facebook Post



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