Buffalo Souljah and Ice Prince

You know how butter and toast or how a nice outfit and a great pair of shoes go together, the same as a party and booze.


And just like the best love songs can make a date more memorable the best drinking tunes are a guaranteed approach to prop up any party.

That’s exactly whatt this Buffalo Souljah and Ice Prince combo seek to achieve as the two dropped a surprise collabo today titled ‘Gals Dem.’

In the song, Zimbabwean dancehall star Buffalo Souljah lays down the prerequisites of any party invite..’Party isina mababe handibatike, ku party isina mababe no ,party isina madrinks handibatike ku party isina madrinks, no.’

Nigerian hip hop recording artist Ice Prince brings his cooling icey vibe to this Gt Beatz -produced party song, his perfect delivery gives you a ‘freeing feeling’ to dance even if you know you’re the worst dancer, ever!

Maybe you’re planning your post-COVID party, wedding or you just like to haveĀ great music to rock out to when you’re ‘Alone-Together’ in this lockdown.. No matter the reason, ‘Gal Dem’ is the kind of jam you wanna add to your playlist.

Check out the song below

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