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More Irish Whiskey please, as the Culture Breaks Boundaries!

The Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards (ZHHA) is the first hip hop awards show in motherland Africa.


This is a remarkably underrated feat considering how other countries like Nigeria and South Africa seem to be dominating this popular culture.

The 11th edition in a row screams of resilience, relent and consistency amid the controversy that looms around matters to do with recognition. This is hip hop.

The genre on the local scene is constantly gaining traction following the adoption of a culture to the family of big egos. The institution through the Chief Executive Officer, Beefy Harrison, hosted a media launch in the cultural city, Bulawayo last month.

Below are major talking points from the event.

For a second year running Pogues, the Irish Whiskey will be the coolant to such a heated event.

The Pogues press release highlighted their commitment towards the uplifting of African hip hop and outlined their faith in Zimbabwean young musicians.

This year’s ceremony will again be dubbed The Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards 2021 11th Edition.

The theme Culture Breaking Boundaries is inspired by many strides made in the past year, perhaps beyond, of the genre reaching new audiences and adding a voice in society.

Tunecore has also partnered the institution and they also reinstated their commitment in assisting hip hop artists in distributing their music.

They stressed the challenges faced by modern day artists and pledged their services towards mitigating them.Tunecore distributes music to over 150 channels which in turn gives an artist a chance of growth and wider reach for their music.

Thorne Laroq was announced as the new Head of Operations for the ZHHA. He is a well-travelled hip hop artist and promoter whose vast experience will forward the culture in tapping new grounds.

It is highly plausible that the institution continues to invest within its own vicinity.

Submission which was done virtually ended on 30 October and nominees will be announced on the 12th of November.

This year’s awards show will be held in Harare on the 11th of December. There will be 24 categories up for contention.


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