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Hillzy Releases His Last EP titled In The Building

Hillzy’s In the Building marks a turning point in the multi-talented artist’s already decorated and storied career.

A year after moving back home to his native Zimbabwe from Cape Town where he had spent almost a decade – Hillzy found new inspiration and verve to create music for himself and to feed his artistic inclinations.

Determined to break out of the musical pigeonhole he had been placed in, Hillzy set out to prove that he can out rap, outsing and out-produce all his contemporaries.

In The Building features 11 songs, all of which are mixed and mastered by Hillzy himself. 5 of the songs are produced by him under his Mr Masinh pseudonym.

As part of his return to his roots, Hillzy has linked back up with his early collaborator and mysterious figure – H3nry (Forever).


The only other collaboration on the album comes via the production and vocals of Manno Beats – a multi-award-winning producer and artist from Haiti, who lends his talents on Signs.

Celebrated producer and guitarist Spirit Fingers produced Only You which dropped earlier this year and has already proven to be a massive hit on social media, raking up 2 million views on TikTok alone.

The other notable single from the album is Chargie which has just crossed the 1 million views threshold on YouTube.

In The Building is a clear demonstration of Hillzy’s talents and storytelling abilities that has the perfect blend of Hip Hop and R&B offerings that balance Hillzy’s boisterous confidence and emotionally captivating sincerity.

As Hillzy highlighted in a recent interview on ZiFM this will be his last EP before starting work on his official full-length album.

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