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Sekunjalo MaAfrica Arts Triumphs as Champions of Chibuku Traditional Dance Festival

The Chibuku Traditional Dance Festival, a celebration of Zimbabwe’s vibrant cultural heritage, culminated in a spectacular showcase of traditional dances, music, and rhythmic movements at the national finals held in Harare Gardens on Saturday.


The event brought together some of the most talented and passionate dance groups from various provinces across the country, each vying for the prestigious title and substantial cash prizes.

Outshining the competition with their captivating performances, the Sekunjalo maAfrica Arts dance group from Bulawayo was crowned the ultimate winner of this year’s edition.

The group’s exceptional choreography, energy, and authentic representation of traditional dance earned them the coveted first place and a grand prize of US$15,000.

The Chibuku Traditional Dance Festival is more than just a dance competition; it serves as a platform to preserve and promote Zimbabwe’s rich cultural heritage.

Traditional dance forms hold immense significance within Zimbabwean communities, as they reflect the history, beliefs, and way of life of various ethnic groups.

Through this festival, generations-old dance styles are celebrated and passed down to the younger generations, ensuring that these precious cultural treasures remain alive and thriving.

Yarira Ngoma Arts, representing Harare province, showcased their incredible talent and secured the second position in the competition.

Their exceptional display of traditional dance earned them a well-deserved cash prize of US$10,000.

Demonstrating the diversity of Zimbabwe’s cultural tapestry, the Makarekare Traditional Dance Group from Mashonaland East province claimed the third spot, and their outstanding performance earned them US$7,500 in recognition of their artistry and dedication.

The Chibuku Traditional Dance Festival is organized annually by the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, in partnership with Delta Beverages, to promote cultural tourism and celebrate the nation’s diverse heritage.

Beyond the cash prizes awarded to the top-performing groups, the festival also provides opportunities for artists to gain recognition, expand their networks, and inspire future generations of traditional dancers.

The Chibuku Traditional Dance Festival stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Zimbabwe’s cultural heritage, ensuring that the rhythmic beats of its traditional dances continue to echo through generations to come.

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