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DJ Mega T’s ‘Imali’ featuring Lala Martin & Slage Pro: An Amapiano Anthem on the Desire for Financial Success

The amapiano track “Imali” by DJ Mega T featuring Lala Martin and Slage Pro is a party and groove song that explores the theme of money and its impact on one’s life.


It’s a fun and energetic party song that effectively captures the desire for financial success

The vocalist, Lala Martin, expresses her desire for financial prosperity, highlighting the frustration she feels when neighbours mock her situation.

The lyrics touch on the idea that the lack of money can hinder one’s happiness, creating a relatable and poignant narrative.

The track begins with an energetic beat that immediately sets the party atmosphere. The infectious rhythm and pulsating bassline drive the song forward, creating a lively backdrop for Lala Martin’s vocals.

The production quality by DJ Mega T and Slage Pro is solid, with a well-balanced mix that allows each element to shine.

Lala Martin’s performance is captivating, showcasing her vocal prowess and charisma. Her delivery is filled with conviction, effectively conveying the emotions behind the lyrics.

The listener can feel the determination and longing in her voice, which adds an authentic touch to the overall composition.

One of the strengths of “Imali” lies in its ability to create a sense of joy and celebration. The infectious groove and catchy melodies make it a perfect fit for the dancefloor or any party setting.

Listen to “Imali” below

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