So as has been reported earlier on this site multi-award winning hip hop artist Stunner released his latest nine track album Stray Bullet last Thursday.


Now veering towards two decades in the rap game it’s certainly true that he is still remarkably anti­contempary prospect of his peers.

Seen it and done it all, he has everything to prove on this great masterpiece. He is already an iconic megastar of the highest order in Zimbabwean music with a discography that has an array of hot-banging pick­up tunes.

A fully-fledged stunt man himself, his focus is mainly on preserving his own monetary interest than paying attention to petty feuds.

 Well, that doesn’t mean that he cannot throw a shade or two every time he has a chance to. That much he does at least enough to give “irre­levant people” the limelight.

Thematically, Stray Bullet is balanced between love, hustle socially-conscious, and braggadocio songs.

The latter is prevalent in rap music, but when Stunner adopts it with his swag delivery; he has got endorsements and numbers to back it up.

His life is an open book and his reality is refreshingly gimmick-free, an antithesis to many rappers whose charm relies on their foot-in-mouth tendencies and pure lies.

Songs like “They Know” and “Mune Mari Here” are evidence that this rapper’s multi-layered introspection offers more depth and focus across a longer time span.

Sonically, it’s a genre hopping project that vacillates between dance/pop sound bed and new age hip-hop beats.

Technically, the Godo hit maker raps with no less dexterity than he did on his last project If I Die Tonight (Akarohwa Mari and I need Money.)

Self-aware as ever (Stray Bullet), however, the kickback is swift and brutal (Zvinei Nemi and Musatifinhure)

In all this Stunner also allows room for a gang of promising up-and-coming such as Episode, Pessh, Boom Beto and Element B to provide some diverse flavours.

All rendered awesome contributions, but Pessh, by virtue of her being the only female feature, definitely has the stellar one.

Appearing on the beautiful ballad “Follow Me” she’s delicate, smooth and perfectly atmospheric, an inspired choice.

Well, all in all, Stray Bullet is actually an undeniable masterpiece.

The Zimbabwean hip hop community may never openly admit that Stunner has taken the hip-hop reign, but his consistently strong projects make argument for him.

Cast him as an urban groover, but truth be told, Stray Bullet is yet another notch in his catalogue that might just make his contemporaries, specifically the young, to understand it’s time to really start putting in work.

Until an heir apparently steps up, this album confirms Stunner is clinging to his crown as king of Zimbabwean rap, against all odds.


Pickup tracks:

Follow Me

Stray Bullet

Mune Mari Here


Stray Bullet is now available on online stores. Stream it on any of these links below ;



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