Last year was big, thisyear its gonna be bigger

The moment party animals hear the word PARTY they immediately start on stocking up on their energies, for they know they ’bout t have a good time until Mama comes knocking.

Last year was big, this year its gonna be bigger

But there are parties and then there are PARTIES, The Castle Lager National Braai Day.

This year is no difference, in fact, its gonna be the biggest single event where people have ever braaied meat (If you are from the other side of Samora Machel or you are reading this from inside the American Embassy, braai is what you guys call a barbecue)


As part of cementing its communication platform launched last year “It all comes together with a Castle” this braai day will see the Gigmaster (music), the Braaimaster (braai) and the brewmaster (castle) coming together bringing to life what Castle stands for.


The Gigmaster (Music)

Music really matters at a party and makes all the difference especially during the earlier hours just when the party is warming up.

The event is set to kick off at 12. 00 p.m and will finish late. Expect this stellar line up to provide the musical dose Jah Prayza, Winky D, Andy Muridzo, XQ and Freeman and various DJ’s who will entertain the crowd throughout the day.


The Braaimaster (braai)

Remember a ridiculous 15 000kgs of meat has to be consumed in a single day.

To make this a success Castle Lager partnered popular braai spot outlets that include Boomerang, Family 24, Paramount and Farai. They will be assisting with the braaing of meat, however, there will be braai stands available for own braaing. 


The Brewmaster (castle)

With the music hit all the right nerves of your body, the meat going down your stomach, there has to be a castle larger to complete the gang of three.

For one to get access to the venue they have to pay an entrance fee of $5 that will guarantee them a braai pack and 1L of Castle Lager.


Location, location, location

The venue is Old Hararians Sports Club, the date  28 October and the time is from 12 noon



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