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SuperSport to show Zimbabwe Netball World Cup Matches

As Zimbabwe’s Gems prepare to take part in the much publicised 2019 Netball World Cup, SuperSport has geared itself to satisfy growing interest levels in their progress with comprehensive coverage of the tournament, which also features three other African teams.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said participation in the event by the Gems made watching the games a must for Zimbabwean sports fans, and live coverage was set to facilitate as-the-action-happens viewership.

“We are excited by the Gems’ involvement and I am sure all Zimbabweans will be keen to see how they get on in Liverpool, where the tournament starts next week,” she said.

The four teams from the continent that are spearheading an African netball challenge are Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda, each of which is determined to break the Australasian hold on the trophy.

From Wednesday July 12 all 60 matches will be broadcast on SuperSport, ending with the final on Sunday July 21.

“This will be the first time every match can be seen live through the World of Champions, and is recognition of the growing importance of netball in the sporting arena,” said Ms Dziva.

Six of the last seven tournament finals have been contested by world number one Australia and by New Zealand, with the exception of 1995, when South Africa captured a silver medal.

South Africa’s Proteas are at present ranked fifth, followed by Uganda (sixth), Malawi (ninth) and Zimbabwe in 13th, according to the latest netball world ranking released this week.

Broadcast details for the first three days:

July 12:  New Zealand vs Malawi (SS9, 9.45am)
July 12: Barbados vs Singapore (SS10, 10.45am)
July 12: Australia vs Northern Ireland (SS9, 11.45am)
July 12: Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka (SS10, 12.05pm)
July 12: Opening Ceremony (SS9, 4pm)
July 12: Jamaica vs Fiji (SS9, 5.30pm)
July 12: South Africa vs Trinidad and Tobago (SS10, 6.05pm)
July 12: England vs Uganda (SS9, 7.45pm)
July 12: Scotland vs Samoa (SS10, 8.05pm)

July 13: Australia vs Zimbabwe (SS9, 9.45am)
July 13: Northern Ireland vs Sri Lanka (SS10, 10.05am)
July 13: New Zealand vs Barbados (SS9, 11.45am)
July 13: Malawi vs Singapore (SS10, 12.05pm)
July 13: England vs Scotland (SS9, 3.45pm)
July 13: Uganda vs Samoa (SS10, 4.05pm)
July 13: Jamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago (SS9, 5.45pm)
July 13: South Africa vs Fiji (SS10, 6.05pm)

July 14: New Zealand vs Singapore (SS9, 9.45am)
July 14: Malawi vs Barbados (SS10, 10.05am)
July 14: England vs Samoa (SS9, 11.45am)
July 14: Uganda vs Scotland (SS10, 12.05pm)
July 14: Australia vs Sri Lanka (SS9, 3.45pm)
July 14: Northern Ireland vs Zimbabwe (SS10, 4.05pm)
July 14: Jamaica vs South Africa (SS9, 5.45pm)
July 14: Trinidad and Tobago vs Fiji (SS10, 6.05pm)

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