Monday, September 21, 2020

Sandra Ndebele has Got Your Back in a Smashing Video

At one point she was every men’s drool, Zimbabwe’s poster woman for steamy choreography, her hips and her bottom could simply move on their on. Sandra Ndebele could...

Tytan Grabs the Bride, As Stunner Finds Machira Chete

As it is after Valentine, a lot of girls probably found out that they are not their Baes’ bae, like Stunner finding machira chete in Meikles Hotel....

It’s Time Mudiwa Slayed the Ghosts Out of His Life

It's Time Mudiwa Slayed the Ghosts Out of His Life Hie world,  it's been a while mainly cause I've been having a Life-changing spiritual experience,  but enough about...

Marcus Mafia,King Aktive ,Kikky Bad Ass and Schingy Throws Some Shade in ‘Hatitereri’

I very rarely listen to new school hip hop but hai this track is in my head so allow me to spoil your head as well. The...

Cindy asks many Questions in new Video – Mubvunzo

Cindy has released her latest video Mubvunzo in a deep soul wrenching plea to God about Love with so many Questions. We are assuming that the guy from Dai...

Watch this 70 year old Mudhara dance to Jah Prayzah’s Mudhara Vachauya

Watch this old man dance to Jah Prayzah's Mudhara Vachauya during an entertainment break at the recently held DreamStar Harare finals. The man is almost 70 years old. Watch the...

Watch as Winky D performs the inspirational song – 25

Winky D performs his inspirational song 25 at the Morgan Heritage show in Harare. The song talks about what he dreamt to have achieved at the age of...

Video: Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi perform Panorwadza Moyo

Watch the epic moment as two giants Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi perform their duet Panorwadza Moyo for the first time at the Morgan Heritage show.

Music Release Licence for Zambezi Magic (Download Form)

Download and share with other the Music release licence for Zambezi Magic Channel, NOTE: All videos should be in High Definition  Download document here Pass on the Form...

Can you dance? Queen Vee is looking for your ‘Pattern’

Queen Vee last night sent an open call to dancers to send their 15 seconds audition video to stand a chance to feature in her latest video. What's your...